Registration Information

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Basic Registration Information

Please enter all registration information for teams and individuals in English only.

Please note your team must be registered with the International Breast Cancer Paddlers Commission (IBCPC) as a team member prior to registering for the festival in Sarasota, FL, USA. You can easily do this at

Breast Cancer Survivor (BCS) Teams

We are delighted that you will be joining us in Sarasota! The four-step registration process includes registering your TEAM by your team manager and team crew member (paddler, drummer, sweep/steersperson) registering themselves.

Non-Paddling BCS Team Members

We recognize that you may have active BCS team members and supporters who won’t be  paddling in the event. You may add them on your Team Registration Form (same fee and crew member registration process as paddlers). This will ensure that these teammates and supporters don’t miss out on the excitement of this thrilling event. Your “non-paddling survivors” (NPS) and supporters will receive the same recognition and access to all festival events as your crew members.

Independent BCS Paddlers

Are you “up the river without a team?” No worries! You can register as an independent BCS paddler and we will put you together with other independent paddlers to form as many composite teams as we need to make this a truly participatory festival. This registration will open when “Early Bird” registration closes.



OPENING May 28, 2013

In order to register you must complete the following steps:

Step One

Please enter all registration information for teams and individuals in English only.

Submit your Team Registration Form from May 28, 2013 to February 1, 2014. This form and the deposit fee reserve a place in the event for your team. Your team must include at least 20 and no more than 26 crew members. You do not have to include your roster of crew members at this time, but the Team Registration form must be submitted before individual team members can register in Step Three. There is no limit to the number of non-paddling survivors (NPS) members who register with your team, but you must identify them as NPS on the Team Manager roster form.

Step Two

Submit a Team Crew Member Registration Form for each paddler, drummer, sweep/steersperson, and non-paddling survivor no later than May 1, 2014. If your earlier Team Registration included fewer than 26 rostered crew slots, you may register additional crew members (not to exceed a crew total or 26) and non-paddling survivors (NPS) at this time. You must have a Team Registration Form on file prior to this step. ** requires $2,000 deposit team registration fee (minimum 20 paddlers). You will not be able to select and reserve your accommodations before clearance from registration, meaning your team must be registered and full deposit received.

Step Three

Submit a Waiver & Release of Liability form for each rostered crew member no later than August 1, 2014.

Step Four

Send the balance of your Registration Fees no later than May 1, 2014. Include in this payment the full $225 registration fee for any additional team members, NPS added in Step Two. Maximum number of rostered crew members is 26. There is no limit to the number of NPS.

The final deadline for submission of all payments is May 1, 2014. We want to have all registrations paid in full by May 1, 2014. Failure to do so may jeopardize your teams registration for the event.

PLEASE NOTE: The final payment deadline for Early Bird registrants is October 31, 2013.




The 2014 IBCPC Participatory Dragon Boat Festival will be truly “participatory” – welcoming BCS paddlers to join one of our “composite” teams if their teams are unable to attend the festival. To register to attend all of the events and paddle on a composite team you must submit a Non-Affiliated Registration Form and pay the Standard Registration Fee of $225 no later than May 1, 2014. (Please note: Early Bird discount does not apply to independent BCS crew registration).


Please enter all registration information for teams and individuals in English only.

Standard Registration will go into effect May 28, 2013. The Standard Registration Fee is $225 USD per rostered crew member and non-paddling survivor.

The deadline for Standard Registration is February 1, 2014 with final payment due no later than May 1, 2014. Although unlikely, the Festival Board reserves the right to discontinue registration before this deadline if the number of registered teams exceeds the capacity of the venue.

Method of Payment


1. Payments: To provide a more secure payment environment, we have changed our wire transfer process.  For payment instructions, please contact the Registrar at:


2. Wire transfer should be made out to:

Beneficiary Name: Sarasota BCS Festival 2014

Address: 7200 /SW 108th Terrace, Miami, FL 33156
Beneficiary Bank Name: Bank of America
For complete instructions for payment contact the Registrar:


3. US Teams: Checks or money orders drawn from US banks must be mailed to:

Sarasota BCS Festival 2014, Corp
7200 S.W. 108th Terrace
Miami, FL 33156

ATTN: Registrar


Questions about registration should be sent to:

We look forward to seeing you in the Sunshine State in 2014!


Send general inquiries to:

Frequently Asked Questions-Registration Process:

What does my entry fee include?

  • One on-water practice sessions will be available on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Team managers will be contacted by email in the order of their registration date to select their practice session day and time. We recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity. We encourage you to have your own steer available for practices. If you don’t bring a steer/sweeps person from your team, we will assign a volunteer steer to your practice.
  • Friday evening – Opening ceremonies with beverages and appetizers. Followed by a welcome reception to greet old friends and make new ones.
  • Saturday afternoon/evening – Parade of Nations and “Block Party” which includes a variety of food vendors, music to get you “pumped up” and dancing along with a grand time with our friends in Sarasota.
  • Team representation in the Sandy Smith Global Race
  • Closing Ceremonies
  • A minimum of 2 races per day plus the Sandy Smith Race and the Flower Ceremony
  • 20′ x 10′ tent at race sight (for teams with at least 20 paddlers)
  • Individual credential identification tag
  • Souvenir program
  • Souvenir bag
  • Lunch on both race days
  • Water at race sight
  • Round-trip transportation from Official Recommended Accommodation hotels to race site, parade site and opening ceremonies, return to hotel after closing ceremonies from race venue.  There will be limited transportation to practice sessions. More information on this will follow once we coordinate practice sessions based on team arrival dates.

What are the fees per paddler?

All fees are in US dollars including all taxes and are:

Early Bird Registration – Opened April 1, 2013 through October 31, 2013 or the first 50 teams, whichever comes first  – $200 per person
(includes IBCPC* $10 Levy)


** requires $2,000 deposit team registration fee (minimum 20 paddlers)

Early Bird balance must be paid by October 31, 2013.

Standard Registration – Opens May 28, 2013. Final payment deadline is May 1, 2014 – $225 per person
(includes IBCPC* $10 Levy)

 ** requires $2,000 deposit team registration fee (minimum 20 paddlers)

Final balance to be paid by May 1, 2014 

*The International Breast Cancer Paddlers’ Commission (IBCPC) levy is one of the primary methods of acquiring funds for the IBCPC. Please visit to learn more about the organization which is committed to supporting breast cancer survivors around the world through dragon boating.


Where and how do I send the registration form?

This will be an electronic registration process.  Your team manager will do your provisional registration if your team elects to do the Early Bird Registration.  Once we receive your $2,000 deposit, your team manager will receive an email prompting her to create a user name and password to start your team roster. Once your team manager adds a paddler’s name and email address, it will send a link to the paddler with information to fill out a Team Crew Member Registration form and waiver, which will also be electronic.

This process will also apply to the standard registration, which starts on October 31, 2013 immediately after Early Bird Registration closes, whichever comes first .

If you have any questions regarding this process, please email  or call (786) 766-2014, please allow 24 hours for a response.

You are now ready to register your team, go to Standard Registration or click here to proceed

The policy below has been in place since registration opened April, 2013.  As a reminder, your team captain has agreed to the following by signing the team registration form:

Condition of Entry/Refunds:

“I certify that our team undertakes to be bound by the conditions of the entry/registration.  I further understand that entry fees for all members of the team are not refundable.”